Andersen crib at Land of

Here’s a rare bird in the nursery furniture business: a company that still makes furniture in the U.S.

Based in Jamestown, New York, El Greco has been making furniture since 1975 but largely flies under the radar of the industry. Why? Because most of El Greco’s cribs and dressers are sold as private label offerings by Land of Nod and Room & Board (El Greco’s web site lists which cribs they make for each chain).

Quality is excellent—cribs are made of poplar and maple, although some of the dressers are made of MDF. Dressers have corner blocks, dovetail joints, metal glides and solid wood drawer faces. And safety? El Greco has never had a safety recall.

FYI: Readers in upstate NY have told us they have been able to buy furniture direct from El Greco’s Jamestown factory store—one snagged a crib for $200 under the regular retail price. Most cribs and dressers sold in the outlet store are factory seconds, with small finishing defects. El Greco helpfully posts an inventory of what’s currently at the outlet on their website and Facebook page. The site also has an email address and phone number to make an appointment at the Factory Store.

As for El Greco’s regular prices, be prepared to spend a pretty penny for a U.S.-made crib: prices range from $700 to $1200. A three drawer double dresser is $700 to $1000 depending on finish. While those prices are about twice as much as a Chinese-made crib sold in other chain stores, El Greco’s prices are in line with other made-in-the-USA furniture companies (the few that remain doing nursery furniture domestically).

Style wise, El Greco is rather simple/classic as you can see from the above picture. If you are looking for a sleigh-style crib with ornate carved headboard and footboard, this isn’t your brand.

Given their overall quality and safety, El Greco earns our highest rating—for parents who want to avoid Chinese-made furniture and can afford the price tags, this is an excellent choice. Rating: A-