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Canadian rocker-glider maker Dutailier is best known for their glider-rocker chairs, but the company also dabbles in nursery furniture.

For several years, Dutailier turned out traditional nursery furniture made in China. After China’s lead paint scare in the late 2000’s, Dutailier decided to make some big changes: first, production was moved back to Canada. And then the line got a major design make-over: modern was in, traditional was out.

Dutailier’s four furniture collections feature a mix of zebra wood and colored accents, all with food names. Example: the Melon (pictured, $1100). We especially like the Cupcake ($780) and the Caramel. (Or maybe, that’s just what we’d like to eat right now–a caramel cupcake. We shouldn’t write Dutailier’s review on an empty stomach).

Prices are in the $1000 to $1500 range for most cribs and dressers. For most collections Dutailier offers three-drawer dressers and night stands.

How’s the quality? All in all, we like Dutailier. We toured the company’s plant outside of Montreal in 2012 and were impressed with their attention to detail.

Examples: the drawer casings are made of solid wood and drawers use French dovetail assembly. Dutailier has recently added dust proofing to the bottom of its drawers. One disappointment: there are no corner blocks on the dresser drawers.

A couple of caveats: waits can be long for some items (up to 18 weeks, reported one reader who ordered a Dutailier crib). And bolts and other hardware are sometimes visible on the cribs—not something we’d expect at this price point.

Bottom line: if modern is your thing and you have the budget, we’d recommend Dutailier.  Rating: B+