AFG International Furniture Nadia Athena Convertible Crib Web:

This Chinese/Vietnamese import line is sold in discount stores and online (WayFair, among others). Cribs run $167 to $350, while dressers are about $200-$400.

AFG also sells a couple of convertible cribs, including a model that converts to a full-size bed for $250. If you are looking for a simple crib for grandma’s house, AFG has one (the Lorie) for as little as $167 on Wayfair.

Another good example of AFG: the Athena Nadia, which morphs into a toddler and then full-size bed. Price: $226.

What about quality? We give AFG average marks. As long as you set your expectations accordingly, these cribs are OK. Most folks like the Nadia, for example, but a few dissenters note inconsistent quality (one parent said “it looks like it was sanded by a child).

AFG dressers are made of pine and composite woods while the cribs and changers are solid pine.

Readers tell us assembly can take hours—and we saw several reports of drawers that didn’t close properly and other quality woes. (That’s the trade-off with a $140-$240 crib—the craftsmanship is often lacking). A spokesman from AFG takes issue with the long assembly time noting they strive for one hour assembly times.

Another issues with this line is shipping damage. While these issues aren’t unique to AFG, we see several reports of furniture that arrived with damage, from scratches to more serious issues. And more than one parent reported the crib had a strong chemical smell when it came out of its packaging. AFG offers a support page on their web site “where customers can directly submit replacement part requests, along with pictures of parts believed to be defective or damaged in transit.”

Bottom line: the fit, finish and construction of AFG’s dressers pales in comparison to other low-end import lines such as Bivona’s Fisher Price nursery furniture. Of course, you could argue that this furniture is so cheap ($105 for a changing table), that you might be willing to live with the trade-offs. Rating: C