Dwell Studio Boheme crib bedding Crib Bedding brand review: DwellWeb site: dwellstudio.com

Crib Bedding brand review: Dwell. When modern style cribs first emerged as a aesthetic, Dwell quickly stepped in to fill the modern design niche in crib bedding. Before they introduced their bedding, there weren’t many options that matched the mid-century modern look with clean graphical designs.

Dwell Studio aimed to fill that niche, albeit at a rather high price. Today, you can find their bedding sets at Walmart as well as at close-out e-tailers so price may not be as big a deal.

Made of 210 to 320-thread count and 100% cotton, Dwell offers a simple, yet sophisticated look in four patterns. Colors are muted not washed out. We love the combinations of sheets with tiny patterns and accessories with whimsical nature designs.

Dwell Studio sheet and skirt boheme Crib Bedding brand review: DwellExample: Boheme is a stylized flower and peacock print in gold, pink, rose and grey hues (see photo). The price: $35 for a sheet.

Dwell offers items a la carte including blankets ($45), bath towels ($50), quilts ($80), changing pad covers ($30) and crib skirts ($60).  We should note that the prices on Dwell’s web site are somewhat higher than you can find from other online resellers, however, they do go on sale occasionally, so you can check to be sure.

Fabric is available for sale by the square foot to make additional decor like window valances. A fabric sample is available for some patterns.

Although some of the patterns on Dwell’s web site continue to show crib bedding with bumpers, we’re happy to see they don’t actually make bumpers for any of the current patterns. Now if they could just update some of their photos!

Parent reviews have been positive on this brand—readers laud the softness and fit. One summed it up as “expensive, but worth it.” Rating: B+