Lilly Gold Play Sit ‘ n’ StrollPrice: $763.20.

Type: Holy convertible baby product, Batman! It’s a car seat! And a stroller!

Limits: 5 to 30 lbs. rear facing, 20 to 40 lbs. forward facing.

NHTSA ease of use rating: Rear facing: Two stars out of five. Forward facing: Two stars out of five.

Pros: The only convertible car seat that morphs into a stroller.

Cons: Doesn’t function well either as a car seat or a stroller. Top harness slot is only 14”. Many complaints about quality issues.

Comments: The Lilly Gold Sit and Stroll has won a small but loyal fan base for its innovative car seat/stroller. With one flick of the hand, this convertible car seat morphs into a stroller. Like the Batmobile, a handle pops up from the back and wheels appear from the bottom. Presto! You’ve got a stroller without having to remove baby from the seat.

We’ve seen a few parents wheel this thing around, and though it looks somewhat strange, they told us they’ve been happy with its operation. We have some doubts, however. First, unlike the travel systems reviewed in the next chapter, the Sit ‘n’ Stroll’s use as a stroller is quite limited—it doesn’t have a full basket (only a small storage compartment) or a canopy (a “sunshade” is an option). We’d prefer a seat that reclines (it doesn’t) and you’ve got to belt the seat in each time you use it in a car—even if you don’t take it along as a stroller.

Not only is installation a hassle, but the Lilly Gold Sit and Stroll’s wide base (17.5”) may also not fit some vehicles with short safety belts or contoured seats. Plus, lifting the 14-pound car seat with a full-size child out of a car to put on the ground is quite a workout. Finally, we should note the seat’s top harness slot is only 14”, much lower than other seats on the market today (that means baby will outgrow it that much quicker). And oddly, even though the manufacturer’s web site says the car seat can be used from birth to 40 lbs., “we recommend 20-40 lbs.” No word on why this is!

Feedback has trended negative in the past year; more than one parent said the latest versions are worse (lower quality, hard to install, parts break off) than the original model that came out over 10 years ago.

As such. we can’t recommend this seat. Yes, we do hear from flight attendants who love their Lilly Gold Sit and Stroll— it easily wheels down those narrow plane aisles. Like many hybrid products, however it is not great at being either a car seat or a stroller. Rating: F