Convertible Car Seat review- Graco ComfortSportPrice: $65.

Type: Convertible seat.

Limits: 5 to 30 lbs. rear facing, 20 to 40 lbs. forward facing.

NHTSA ease of use rating: Rear facing: Three out of five stars. Forward facing: Three out of five stars.

Pros: Front belt-adjuster, level adjuster, EPS foam.

Cons: Very low harness slots for forward facing. Cheaper versions have skimpy padding; next to impossible to adjust straps in rear facing mode.

Comments:  The Graco ComfortSport first debuted in 1999 as the Century Accel. Yes, the technology on this seat is that old—why Graco keeps this seat around is puzzling. Yes, it has EPS foam and a front harness adjuster. And since it sells for less than $100, we can see why folks may be tempted.

But . . . the seat is seriously flawed. The top slots of the ComfortSport are a measly 14” tall—the lowest slots on the market. That means your child will quickly outgrow this seat, long before the stated limits. And you can only use the bottom two slots for rear facing (and the top two slots for forward facing only). That’s a strange configuration that truly limits the usage of the seat.

The low weight limits are another major drawback: most seats on the market today work to 35-40 lbs. rear facing (the ComfortSport stops at 30). Example: the Cosco APT costs less than the ComfortSport, yet works to 40 lbs. rear-facing.

Hence while this seat LOOKS like a bargain, it isn’t—your child will outgrow it way too soon. And the ComfortSport is very difficult to install in most vehicles (it lacks belt lock-offs, etc). It’s not a big surprise that most reader feedback on this seat has been negative. Bottom line: this seat is a loser. The ComfortSport may have been a good idea in the late 90’s, but it is looking rather long in the tooth. Rating: D