High Chair brand review: CombiHigh Chair brand review: Combi

FYI: Combi exited the high chair market in 21016, but as of this writing the Combi High Chair is still available for sale.

Web site: combiusa.com

Best known for its strollers, Combi has been trying to crack the high chair category for a while now but its efforts have met with little success.

Giving the category another try, Combi rolled out a new high chair in 2013, cleverly called the Combi High Chair. Priced between $149 and $186 (used to sell for a lot less, but with dwindling supply, retailers are pushing the price up), this┬áchair has all the usual features you’d expect: five-position height adjustment, three-position seat recline, removable dishwasher tray insert, etc. Unlike other chairs on the market, the fabric pad covers the entire chair, which makes it easier to keep clean. When folded, the chair will stand on its own. One negative: the tray has to be removed to fold the chair.

Parent feedback on the Combi High Chair is sparse still. Parents who bought it are generally happy with the seat, although one complained is was rather narrow and another noted the back legs stick rather far out creating a tripping hazard. Easy assembly is a plus but the tray is tough to remove. If you’re looking for a simple, no frills high chair, this might be a good option.

Rating: B