Q Collection Junior, part of the New York-based eco-furnishing company Q Colleciton, has announced it is closing. The company posted this announcement on their web site (see below).

So, it looks like the Made in the USA, eco-focus crib market is down by one company today. Perhaps the market for $1200+ eco-cribs isn’t so robust in today’s economy?

When we launched Q Collection, we were on a mission – to create the healthiest, most eco-safe furnishings that didn’t look “green”.  Many people thought we were crazy.  But it took hold…our incredibly dedicated and talented team brought the idea to life through many trials and remarkable accomplishments.

Many things come to an end.  While our Q Collection Textile line will live on, it is with sadness that we announce Q Collection Junior has closed it’s doors.

We thank you, our loyal and passionate customers, for your support over the years.  We hope our mission will have a lasting effect on the way you continue to select products for your children.

It is because of you that our company was possible.