Price: $200

Type: Professional.

Comments: Lansinoh’s Signature Pro breast pump has been replaced by a very similar pump, the Smartpump. The Smartpump has the same features as the Signature, but adds bluetooth technology and a Lansinoh Baby App. The app allows you to keep track of your “pumping sessions, baby’s activities and more” according to Lansinoh.

The Smartpump still has the three customizable suction rhythms, LCD screen for keeping track of pumping time, and a closed system so milk won’t collect in the tubes or motor. These features were first introduced on the Affinity Pro. The pump is priced at $200 retail (exclusive to Target at this time) and includes a carry tote, two flange sizes, four bottles and a cooler with ice pack.

Early feedback on this pump is nearly non-existent. Some parents are disappointed in the suction power of the pump and others complain their pumps stopped working after a short while, pointing to production quality issues. And what about that app? Readers are not impressed. It is clearly buggy, so we’d recommend waiting on buying this pump until the app gets fixed. If the app isn’t important to you, fans told us they like the light weight and easy to read LCD. This might be a pump for the occasional user, not the daily user.

FYI: Be sure the item you’re ordering is the Signature. We noticed on Amazon that pictures sometimes said Signature, but were really Affinity pumps. Rating: B-