Web: Hygeiababy.com

Price: $275 to $290

Type: Professional.

Comments: A reader recommended this brand to us—she loved her EnJoye pump, which is comparable in suction to hospital-grade pumps. It comes in two versions: a rechargeable battery version ($275) and the deluxe tote ($290, pictured). We had trouble finding retail outlets for the Hygeia pumps–it’s possible they’re moving away from retail to an insurance only option.

Unique features include a “CARE button” that “records your baby’s cry or other sounds for playback during pumping.” This is ostensibly to help with let down. This feature is only available on the Enjoye Deluxe. It also has independently adjustable speed and suction controls. Finally, like the Nurture III, this pump is sealed and can be used by more than one person–you can lend or sell it when you’re done.

The pumps have a three year warranty. After three years, return your pump to the company and they offer to recycle or refurbish your pumps so you don’t have to throw it away.

One bummer: Hygeia doesn’t make smaller size flanges. Comments on the Enjoye were mostly positive, but recently moms have been complaining that their pumps had suction problems and in some cases the battery or motor died, particularly the Q version. The worst part: poor customer service from the company when problems crop up. So we’ll have to lower Enjoye’s rating.   Rating: C