(Update March 26, 2021: UPPAbaby has re-released the Knox with a redesigned base. This article covers the previous version that was pulled from the market.)

(BOULDER, CO) Published May 1, 2020. BREAKING: UPPAbaby pulls Knox car seat off market! RECALL. Car seat maker UPPAbaby has pulled its new Knox convertible car seat from sale, Baby Bargains has learned.

In a letter sent to retailers dated April 24, UPPAbaby said testing of the seat revealed “lateral movement when in use in the rear-facing position,” even when the seat is securely installed. See letter below.

As a result, UPPAbaby asked retails to stop the sale of the Knox. As of this morning, Buy Buy Baby no longer has the seat for sale on its site.

On April 12, this video was posted to YouTube showing the Knox tipping over when allegedly correctly installed:

We asked UPPAbaby for confirmation of this news. Here is their statement:

As always, UPPAbaby conducted extensive testing and received high performance ratings on all regulatory standards for the KNOX. However, we have discovered that despite secure installation, the KNOX can exhibit lateral movement when in use in the rear facing position. We have not received reports of injuries, but, given that we are unsure of the potential implications of this movement, we are in the process of retrieving all KNOX seats that are in the marketplace. This is a voluntary effort that we have decided to undertake and is not a recall.

Just to be clear, we are referring to UPPAbaby’s recall of the Knox car seat as a recall—but that doesn’t mean the NHTSA has recalled the seat as of this writing. So it is not an official government safety recall, but an unofficial recall of Knox car seats that were distributed to stores and sold to consumers.

Also: we found a purported letter from UPPAbaby to a consumer who has the Knox, asking for the consumer to stop using the seat and offering a full refund plus $50 “for your inconvenience.” That letter is below.

As of press time, the Knox is no longer listed on UPPAbaby’s website. There is no explanation of the Knox withdrawal on the company’s site.

If you have a Knox car seat, let us know in the comments below what you have heard.

Here is the letter sent to retailers:

UPPAbaby knox recall letter to retailers to stop sale

Here is the purported letter sent to Knox customers:

UPPAbaby Knox letter sent to consumers