The six largest bottle makers in the U.S. announced last week they are giving up on Bisphenol-A (BPA), the chemical formerly used in polycarbonate bottles.

As reported in the Washington Post last Friday, the bottle makers were reacting to a request from the attorney general of Connecticut to voluntarily stop selling bottles with the chemical. 
We've been following this controversy since 2007, when health concerns about BPA prompted us to stop recommending polycarbonate bottles (click the bottle category to the right to read more on this). 
The move against BPA picked up steam last year when major chains announced their attention to drop BPA-laden bottles. That forced bottle makers to roll out non-BPA plastic bottles in the recent months, even though they insisted at the time that BPA was safe. But with few stores willing to sell the old polycarbonate bottles, bottle makers have now decided to pull all BPA bottles from the market.
For a full discussion of this issue, see our book Baby 411.
Bottom line: most baby bottles sold in chain stores are now-BPA free (check the label to be sure). While there might be old stock of these bottles still on the shelves in smaller stores, most chain stores are selling only BPA-free bottles.