Cleck Olli backless booster seatWeb:

Booster type: Backless booster

Weight: 40 to 120 lbs., 57” tall.

Price: Olli $100 to $130; Ozzi $60

IIHS rating: Check fit.

NHTSA ease of use rating: Four out of five stars.

Pros:LATCH backless booster. Removable, washable seat cover.

Cons: High price. Only scored “fair” in latest crash tests by Consumer Reports.

Comments: Compared to other backless boosters, the Cleck Olli and Ozzi, are unique: they are one of a few backless boosters that use LATCH for a secure fit to the car (the Graco Affix is another choice here). Your child then buckles in with the auto safety belt. The main advantage of the Clek is that the LATCH connectors hold the seat in place when it is unoccupied. Nice, but is it worth $100 when most other LATCH boosters run $40?

Reader feedback on the Clek Olli (pictured above) has been positive—readers love how easy it is to install and use. Critics note that the seat is rather shallow from front to back; that may make it uncomfortable for larger kids to use. And the Olli isn’t compatible with all vehicles (we see reports that the Olli is a no go in the bucket seats in the Toyota Sienna minivan, for example).

Clek OlliFYI: Clek makes a scaled down version of the Olli called the Ozzi: it omits the quick release strap, mesh side storage pocket, carry bag,  and cup holder. The Olli comes in several colors and is made of a micro fiber; the Ozzi comes in one color (black) and has less expensive fabric (accessory color covers run $25 to $35). FYI: The Ozzi is about $40 or so cheaper than the Olli.

One caveat to the Clek’s backless boosters—Clek has plastered a large warning label on the front of the seat (see picture). While we realize these labels are mandated by the government, a few parents were miffed that their expensive chic Clek booster had this giant label on the front—especially since Clek doesn’t picture the boosters this way on their site.

Bottom line: Clek has its fans, but we don’t see the reason for spending the big bucks here.

Rating: B-