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Boon’s Flair high chair debuted in 2007, part of the modernist wave sweeping the baby products biz at the time.

At least this chair features something unique: a pneumatic lift, which gives the chair “effortless height adjustment.” Basically, a button on the base will automatically lower the chair.

We do like the seamless seat, which is easier to clean than other high chairs (where food finds its way into every last crack and crevice). The pad and harness remove for cleaning and a dishwasher-safe tray within a tray is easy to use. The Flair retails for $230. Amazon has a special deal for Prime members only on the orange and white version of the Flair: $175.

Boon Flair Chair Seat Pad and Tray LinerThere haven’t been many changes to the Flair recently. It’s still available in only two color options: orange with a white seat and green with a gray seat. Additional seat pads run $21 to $32 and extra tray liners are $15. Or you can buy both for $30 (see photo).

One negative for the Flair: the seat doesn’t recline, making this chair inappropriate for smaller infants who are bottle-feeding. A reclining seat is a standard feature on almost all high chairs, so we wonder why Boon left this out. Also, the tray is rather small compared to other seats. Finally, there are a few complaints about the brakes and the wheels–some readers note they were either broken or malfunctioning.

On the up side, fans love how easy it is to clean and the small footprint. One complaint: the straps should tighten a bit more for smaller babies. And the lack of a chest buckle means the harness can slide off the shoulders of some kids. Despite those quibbles, we’ll give the Flair our highest rating. Rating: A