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The universe of Star Wars gifts seems as infinite as The Child is cute. What are the best Star Wars gifts for men? Our crack staff of Star Wars geeks scoured remote planets to come up with a list that won't disappoint—cool, geeky or funny. FYI: We don't take money or free samples from companies we review. Our work is 100% reader-supported!

Best Desk Gift

Desk or night light
The Death Star plans! We love this affordable lamp for a desk or as a night light. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi! You're my only hope!

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Best Desk Gift: UBIKORT 3D Lamp Illusion Death Star Wars Lamp

We liked this light as decor for an office desk or as a night light—the Death Star plans in seven different colors. You can stay with the classic green, or set it rotate through the various colors.

Our only gripe: we’re not sure where the “3D” part of this lamp is. The lamp is a flat plastic Death Star that is lit up from the base (cool feature: you can change the color by swiping a finger on the base).  Nonetheless, it is cool enough for us! And affordable as a gift.

Best Party Gift

Light saber sushi
We loved this apron—simple and funny. For the BBQ master or guy who runs the kitchen.

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Best Party Gift: Chop Sabers Light Up LightSaber Chopsticks

Sure, these Chop Sabers are funny—but that’s the point! We loved the little details in the handle and clever LED lights. And you can go for one of seven colors, including our favorite: Mace Windu’s purple blade.

One drawback: these chopsticks are rather long and not practical to use as, say, real chopsticks. But they are a clever decoration for your next dinner party where sushi is on the menu.

Best Gift for the Cook

Dark Side apron
We loved this apron—simple and funny. For the BBQ master or guy who runs the kitchen.

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Best Gift for the Cook: Darth Baker Apron

We loved this apron as a gift for the BBQ master or devotee of Cake Wars. And it is actually a good quality apron. We’ve given this a gift to several Star Wars fans and it wins universal praise.

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