Is possible to buy crib bedding that's still made in the USA? Actually, yes!

Donna Holzbaur of the Nursery Depot, writes in today with an update on which lines are still made domestically:
Many customers are interested in purchasing their baby bedding from manufacturers who produce their products in the USA.  In today's marketplace, that can be difficult.  Firstly, let me say that any bedding set that is embroidered or appliquéd (which means that it made with pieces of fabric cut and sewn in cute designs -i.e.  animals or butterflies sewn on the pieces) is not made in the USA.  The labor intensive workmanship means that it can only be made overseas at the prices we have become accustomed to paying for crib sets.

So if you are determined to purchase from a manufacturer that produces in the USA, you will be looking at sets that use different fabrics for their design.  These will usually be more sophisticated in design and more expensive.  Here's a summary of some of the top bedding manufacturers that produce in the states. 

Glenna Jean-Glenna Jean sews about 95% of their patterns in their Virginia facility.  They usually have about 1-3 sets that are imported though. Look for the appliqués (which means imported), or a lower price than the rest of their sets , or ask to verify. Glenna Jean specializes in two areas- using beautiful, feminine fabrics, creating stunning patterns and using bold, modern,and bright colors and designs.

Banana Fish- Banana Fish up until two years ago, made most of their sets in California.  More recently, they have moved about half of their production overseas-  They still make about half of their sets in the USA. In order to determine which sets are made in the states, look at the price tag — those sets in the $100's are imported and those in the $200's are domestic.

California Kids (except appliqued patterns), Terra Sutta, Carousel Designs, Pixel all produce in the United States.

Donna will be writing in with updates from the world of crib bedding—if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments!