Sprout Organic Foods MangoWeb site: SproutOrganicFoods.com

You may have seen celebrity chef Tyler Florence on the Food Network, in ads for his many cooking products or in the cookbook section of your favorite kitchen store, but you may not realize he’s the driving force behind Sprout Organic Baby Food. Started in 2008 with some friends, Sprout also claims to have invented the original baby food pouch–the fastest growing food delivery system in grocery stores today.

So what do you get for all that celebrity and innovation? For babies just starting solids, Sprout offers organically grown cereal and single fruits and veggies. We found box of five three-ounce pouches of mangos on Amazon for $11.52 (55¢ per ounce). Hope you didn’t pass out over that!

Good news for older babies: if your family is vegetarian, they offer no-meat options at every stage. Another plus: Sprout has an online guide to starting solids. Sprout attempts to introduce more adventurous foods for older kids including buckwheat and amaranth as well as zucchini, beets, acai and more. The offerings actually sound like adults would like them!

Overall, parents like the Sprout line of baby foods. Although they are expensive compared to traditional baby food from Gerber and others, parents are impressed with the taste for the most part. We’ll give them a positive rating with a slight downgrade due to the price. Rating: A-