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Baby gear giant Evenflo is big in bottles. They’ve got a bottle for just about every taste and preference out there today: traditional and angled bottles, glass and plastic, wide mouth and standard, vented and not vented, not to mention colored bottles. And bottles emblazoned with various cartoon characters.

But what does Evenflo do best? Glass. That’s right, Evenflo’s most popular baby bottle amongst our readers are the glass bottles. You can buy them vented or unvented. The vented option (called Classic + Vented Glass) comes with Evenflo’s Proflow Integrated Venting Nipple. Evenflo’s pitch for this nipple: it funnels air into the bottle, not the baby. The Classic Glass bottle has the same glass bottle, but comes with a silicone nipple equipped with Micro Air Vents to prevent nipple collapse.

You’ll find the Classic glass bottles for as little as $2 per bottle while the Classic+Vented are about $3.32 per bottle for the 4 oz. size. In fact, price is a big reason parents choose the Evenflo glass bottles. Another plus: very few parts to wash and put together.

Reader feedback on Evenflo’s bottles is split. Folks seem to hate the nipple that comes with the Classic. There are numerous complaints about leaks and nipple collapse.

The Classic+ Vented seem to get better reviews, but they are a newer model, so we’ve received less feedback on these bottles.

Evenflo Cozy Sleeve

Evenflo Cozy Sleeve helps prevent broken glass when used on Evenflo’s glass baby bottles.

Overall, parents noted that glass bottles are a lot heavier than plastic and if you do drop them (or baby throws the bottle), they will shatter. Evenflo does make a “Cozy Sleeve” for their glass bottles to prevent breakage and/or flying glass. One suggestion: some parents have tried Dr. Brown’s nipples on Evenflo bottles and tell us they work well. So you get the cheap glass bottle and the better Dr. Brown’s nipple.

FYI: Most of the plastic bottles made by Evenflo only garner average reviews from readers; there are better options out there if you want to go with plastic.

Rating: B (for the vented glass or if you’re using them with Dr. Brown’s nipples); C- (for the Classic nipples)