We have good news and bad news when it comes to baby stuff for soon-to-be parents.

The good news: There are many more choices for baby products than past generations.
The bad news: There are many more choice for baby products than past generations.

Newborn baby boy

We’re going to briefly make some sense out of all of the stuff. For more tips, check out our book Baby Bargains which includes specific brand names that we’ve evaluated for safety and cost.

Here goes, 5 gift ideas for new parents. We’ve honed in on a handful that are middle of the road on price, needed in the first few months and/or stuff that won’t be impeding on mom and dad’s style choices.

  1. Audio or Video monitor. The baby monitor is mom’s surrogate umbilical chord allowing her to keep tabs on the sleeping baby. A good one will make parents’ lives easier. Make sure you include a gift receipt. Interference or battery power issues often are not discovered until after it’s installed.
  2. First aid kit. What’s a better gift than safety! Every parent wants to be prepared for an accident, just in case. Kits should include gauze pads, Vasoline, saline nose drops, cool mist humidifier and a thermometer (rectal for babies). If the pre-packaged kit is missing items, consider adding extras to the gift.
  3. Wearable Blankets. These have become increasingly popular because they keep baby warm AND avoid safety concerns that come with quilts and blankets.
  4. Diapers! (Diapers.com gift certificate). There will be an endless need for diapers. While this online retailer offers a wide variety of baby needs, its specialty is diaper deals.
  5. Other gift certificates. Babies grow and develop quickly. Their needs seem endless! Gift certificates especially to the big box stores will always be appreciated.

Happy shopping!

Denise & Alan Fields

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