217520704_xlalt2Web: MamasandPapas.com

Price: $90 to $139

Weight: 8 lbs. to 27 lbs.

Comments: Mamas and Papas front carrier, the Morph, is the product of lots of parent research—and that’s a good thing. First they discovered that most parents are flummoxed when they take their carrier out of the box. So the Morph is meant to be intuitive right at the start. The straps go on just like a jacket, not over your head, and the carrier snaps and zips together. Another plus: the Morph allows parents to adjust the shoulder straps and waist strap easily for a great fit. The carrier comes in two sizes (sm/med and med/lg) and additional harnesses are available ($22 to $65 each). One hand adjustable straps and waist belt are wide and well padded with lumbar support built in.

Putting baby in the harness is simple too. The “pod” (structured pouch for baby) has adjustable sides and slides into the front belt then snaps to the harness straps. The pod also includes a head rest and dribble cloth. Baby can be positioned facing in or out. Cost for the complete set of harness and pod runs $139 and comes in five colors.

So what do we think of the Morph? It’s been out for a while now, but doesn’t really get glowing reviews. It’s more complicated to use the first time than they claim and the pod design keeps baby farther away from parent’s body than expected. Overall, we think it’s a good idea, but not as versatile as other carriers.

Rating: B