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UK-based Naturalmat offers three organic mattresses made of coir (the husk of a coconut), latex or mohair. The Coco Mat is $384 (see photo), the Latex Mat is $520 and the Mohair Mat is $457.

Unfortunately, none of these mattresses are water-proof; for that, you need a $70 mattress protector that Naturalmat sells as an add-on (we’ve seen it online for $65 for the organic version).

As for quality, readers generally praise Naturalmat, especially for the coconut mattress (Coco Mat). The few complaints we see center on the latex mattress, which some parents deem too soft. We hear similar complaints about the Mohair Mat version (their most expensive mattress). Another mom complained that the cover shrank on her latex mattress after washing according to the manufacturer instructions.

Of course, the biggest issue here is the sky high retail price—and the additional cost for a mattress protector. Even when discounted on Amazon, the Coco Mat is nearly $400. On the other hand, if you want to splurge, at least you know this is a high quality product. Of Naturalmat’s three models, the Coco Mat seems to receive the best overall reviews. Rating: B+