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And now for a crib mattress that costs as much as a crib: the $395 Nook Pebble Pure mattress features an organic coconut core layered with one inch of natural latex foam. The mattress’ cover is made of eucalyptus fiber, zinc, polyester and organic cotton and  is machine washable/dryable. Unfortunately, the Nook Pebble Pure crib mattress weighs a considerable 25 lbs.

The company claims the pebbled cover design “creates valleys for airflow on the mattress surface.” The obvious implication is that other crib mattresses without said valleys are somehow inferior or dangerous—that claims seems baseless to us.

Made in the U.S., Nook also sells a lighter weight version of the mattress (Pebble Lite, 16 lbs.), which features a non-toxic eco-foam core and dual support for $295. The cover is the same as the Pebble Pure. While these mattresses are certainly unique (they come in six bright colors for the Pure, three pastels for the Lite), neither has a waterproof cover (they claim the mattress is “water resistant”).

The newest addition to Nook’s crib mattress line is the Pebble Air, their lightest weight mattress at only 7 lbs. It’s also pretty reasonably priced at $195 (compared to their other mattresses). The Pebble Air features “air channels” in the middle of the mattress that help contribute to its lighter weight.

Feedback on these mattress is generally positive, but there is one major drawback. Extra covers (at $100 each) may be necessary to make sure the mattresses are usable when one cover is in the wash. Wrestling the cover off and on in the middle of the night isn’t easy either, in our opinion. We’d just get a waterproof mattress cover or two, but that might negate the airflow advantage the company touts.

The Pebble Pure’s hefty weight make it a no go, in our opinion. If you are sold on this company’s story, we’d suggest the Pebble Lite or Air. While most parents are happy with their Pebble mattresses, one reader told us they were miffed to discover the cover on the Pebble mattress is made of 55% polyester—which negates all the 100% organic claims, in her opinion. Just for the record, the polyester is on the mattress cover itself—the “organic wrap” that comes with the mattress is all cotton.

Nook’s major competitor in this space is Naturalmat, whose Coco Mat mattress costs about the same as the Pebble Lite. Both mattresses would need a waterproof pad (or you’ll be buying another cover for the Pebble). But . . . the Pebble’s cover is difficult to remove, as we mentioned above. So the advantage there goes to Naturalmat.

So it is mixed review for the Nook—readers like the eco-goodness of the coconut fiber mattress, but the price and practical limitations of this mattress curb the Pebble’s appeal. Between the two, parents seem to prefer the Pure mattress over the Lite. The Air is still too new for much feedback yet. Rating: B-