Best Baby MonitiorsWe’ve launched a brand new site: the Best Baby Monitors!

This new site features our recommendations for video baby monitors in three categories: fixed, point-tilt-zoom and streaming.

So here’s our thinking: we are launching a series of these small, micro sites that focus on single baby gear topics. We’ve realized in recent years that some folks are just looking for a quick recommendation for a product. So we’re putting up these micro sites with our good, better and best picks. (We make money when someone clicks on the Amazon link and buys a monitor. Amazon pays us a small affiliate commission).

We will continue to publish our Baby Bargains book and maintain the paid subscription site for baby gear. In a way, we view the Baby Bargains book/site like a large department store . . . 600 pages of baby gear goodness. These micro stores, on the other hand, are small boutiques. If you want the full experience (reviews of 17+ baby monitor brands, comparison charts, etc), that’s in the book or on the paid site. If you just need a quick recommendation, the micro site is now a new option.

So what do think? Any feedback on how we can make the baby monitor site more helpful?