Booster type: High back booster, converts to backless

Evenflo ProComfort Amp LX

Weight: 30 to 110 lbs.


IIHS rating: (for previous version)
Amp High Back: Check fit.
Amp High Backless: Best bet.

NHTSA ease of use rating: Five out of five stars. Rating is for previous version.

Pros: Easy to use, side impact protection, ProComfort padding for a more cushy ride.

Cons: Twice as expensive as a regular Amp. Only at Target.

Comments: The Evenflo ProComfort Amp LX is a refreshed version of the Evenflo Amp booster, which has been around for several years and is one of the better booster seats on the market. It works as a belt-positioning booster from 30-110 lbs. and then as a backless booster to 110 lbs.

The ProComfort Amp differs from the regular Amp in two ways: it features cups built into the armrests; the regular Amp has cup holders built into the base. Also new: Evenflo’s “ProComfort” padding that has “Gel Matrix Technology.” Basically, this is a more comfortable seat.

As the top of the line Amp, Evenflo also throws in activity lights and a six-position adjustable headrest with side impact protection. The lights are a unique feature (no other booster has them as far as we’ve seen). But . . . there is no auto shut-off feature. Hence if your toddler leaves on the lights when you exit the car, the batteries will contantly need to be replaced.

The ProComfort Amp LX is a Target exclusive. While the seat is shown on Target’s web site, it doesn’t appear on Evenflo’s web site, so we’re not sure if this seat is going forward.

Parent feedback on this seat has been positive and we’ll recommend it. The only caveat: at $70, it is twice the price of a plain Amp. If you plan on taking longer trips or have a long commute, the extra ProComfort padding might be worth it. Otherwise, you can save $35 and get a regular Amp. Rating: A-