Best Splash Pad For Toddlers

What are the best splash pads for toddlers? Baby, it’s hot outside! To cool off, we tried out 10 different splash pads, sprinklers and pools with toddlers. Which were most fun? Easiest to clean? Here are the ones we’d recommend.

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Best Fun with Canopy

Swim School Splash Play Mat With Canopy
Inflatable backrest and toy stacker make this baby pool great for the younger set. Canopy shades the sun. Holds a couple inches of water. Can even be used indoors without water. Affordable.

Best Fun With Canopy: SwimSchool Splash Play Mat with Canopy

Most splash pads are designed for older toddlers and kids—18 months is a typical minimum age (although a few start at 12 months).

What if you have a six month old you’d like to get in on the water fun? For that, we’d suggest SwimSchool’s Splash Play Mat. Fun, yet designed for younger toddlers from six to 18 months.

What We Liked

• Canopy shields the sun. UPF 50 sun protection.

• Can use with or without canopy.

• Inflatable backrest is great for young ones that can sit up, but still need a bit of support.

• Fills with small amount of water so toddler can splash around.

• 28″ wide, so it can fit in smaller areas.

• Can be used inside without water.

• Includes patch kit! That’s a nice extra feature.

• Other versions don’t have a canopy, in case you don’t want that.

What Needs Work

• Canopy isn’t very wide. The lack of coverage means you have to reposition it as the sun moves during the day. It’s also easy for a toddler to grab and pull down!

• Doesn’t squirt. You fill this pool with a bit of water . . . but it doesn’t squirt like other splash pads. That’s ok, in our opinion—it is still fun for toddlers.

• Small size. Perfect for one kid . . . but not the best choice if you want to cool off more kids at once.

Best Fun Sprinkler

SplashEZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids
Loved this five-foot wide splash pad that’s inflated with water—and then squirts from 10 openings on the perimeter! Tons of fun! Not as much fun to drain, however.

Best Fun Sprinkler: Splash EZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler for Kids

When we tried out splash pads, one factor influences the fun: water pressure. Turn it too high and the water squirts outside the pad—which isn’t the point. Try lowering the water pressure to keep the water inside!

Also: high water pressure can bust some of these pools—that’s because they are made of vinyl. So be careful when you turn up the hose.

Finally, always place these splash pads on soft surfaces (grass, etc). If you place them on concrete, they may rip or tear.

For the best fun sprinkler splash pad for toddlers, we pick Splash EZ’s 3-in-1 sprinkler—easy to set up and a winner, based on the squeals of delight we heard from kids!

What We Liked

• Rim keeps small amount of water inside the pad. 

• Large 60″ size can fit more than one kid.

• BPA and phthalates free.

• Squirts are adjustable, based on water pressure.

What Needs Work

• Hard to drain. That’s true for many splash pads, unfortunately! That’s because water inflates these pads—and it can be hard to get it all out when done!

Best Fun Splash Pool

HIWENA Baby Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool with Canopy
Super cute, rainbow-themed splash pad has the best of both worlds: sprinkler fun + splash pool. Perfect for one toddler! Canopy shields the sun.

Best Fun Splash Pool: HIWENA Baby Pool, Rainbow Splash Pool

Loved this rainbow-themed splash pool, which fills with a couple of inches of water (the max level is helpfully marked on the side). This pad combines the best of both worlds: a sprinkler for fun and a pool for splashing.

As with any baby pool with water, always closely supervise your toddler when in the water!

What We Liked

• Perfect for a sitting toddler. This pool has sides that provide a nice backrest.

• Canopy helps shield the sun.

• Instagram gold! Very cute in pictures.

• Includes patch kit.

• Made of PVC vinyl.

What Needs Work

• Connecting the hose can be a challenge. The connection is on the bottom of this splash pad . . . that made it difficult to lie flat, in our testing.

• Small size = fits one child. If you are looking to entertain multiple toddlers, a larger splash pad would be a better bet!

Best Budget-Friendly

BANZAI 54 In-Diameter Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat
Easy to use and easy to clean, this splash pad is fun! Nothing fancy—attach a hose and let the water fun begin! 54″ wide diameter is bit smaller than other pads.

Best Budget-Friendly: BANZAI 54” Diameter Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat

You don’t have to spend big bucks to get a fun splash pad—Banzai’s Sprinkler and Splash pad does the trick, at a price that is easy on the wallet. Here’s more!

What We Liked


• Great for parties—holds a couple of kids at a time.

• Easy to set up.

• Easy to clean.

• Attach a garden hose and poof! Sprinkler fun.

What Needs Work

• Somewhat smaller than other pads we tested. This pad is 54″ wide—fun for a couple of kids. If you’d prefer something bigger, the Splash EZ 3-in-1 Sprinkler (recommended earlier in this article) is 60″ wide.

• Can rip easily if water pressure is too high! Turn the water on slowly at the start.

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