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What are the best sous vide bags? We love our sous vide—it is an amazing gadget to make tender pork chops or perfect steaks. But the key to success is making sure you put the food in vacuum-sealed bags. Which are the best? To find out, we tried 7 brands of sous vide bags in the real world. Which were easiest to work with? Which bags come with a vacuum pump? Seal tightly? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Bags + Electric Sealer

Super easy to use
We loved this bundle of bags plus a USB-rechargeable electric sealer. Good quality bags worked well with our sous vide. Caveat: no USB power adapter included.

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Best Bags + Electric Sealer: Sous Vide Bags, 42 PCS Electric Vacuum Sealer

When it comes to using a sous vide with the bags mentioned in this article, keep in mind a couple of tips:

• Don’t completely submerge the bags. Water can leak in through the air valve the bag. Instead, clip the bag to the side of the container. Helpfully, many of the bags recommend in this article include clips!

• Follow directions to remove the air. When you use a vacuum sealer, there are specific directions to make it work! Follow them closely.

• If you just want bags, see the recommendation at the end of this article for a bags-only option.

After trying out seven brands of sous vide bags with our own sous vide, we think the Kosbon Sous Vide Bags are a winner. This is a combination pack with bags, rechargeable USB electric vacuum pump and clips. It’s a great place to start if you are new to the sous vide world.

What We Liked

• Bags work well!

• Easy to use.

• Includes rechargeable electric vacuum sealer.

• Takes just 10 seconds to vacuum the air out of the bag.

• BPA free.

• Bags are also microwave safe.

What Needs Work

• USB sealer does not include an adapter. Plus the cord has a funky USB connector—don’t lose it!

• Could be easier to get the vacuum centered correctly over the valve.

• Electric sealer can break. If you prefer a more fool-proof solution, consider a sous vide bag bundle that includes a manual pump. See the next recommendation for just such an option.

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Best Bags + Manual Sealer

BPA, PVC and latex free
Sure, the manual pump included in this bag bundle requires a bit of effort to seal bags—but there are no batteries to charge, nor motor to break. Loved the bags, which are quite durable.

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Best Bags + Manual Sealer: Sous Vide Bags 57 PCS 35 Reusable Vacuum Food Sealer Bags

Sous vide bag bundles with electric vacuum sealers are nice—until the sealer breaks. That’s why we would also recommend this bundle by SousBear: it includes a manual pump that works well plus 30 sous vide bags (of various sizes). And yes, you also get clips to keep the bags in place while cooking.

What We Liked

 Easy to use.

• Durable bags.

• Works well with sous vide cookers.

• Includes manual hand-pump vacuum sealer = no batteries to charge, no motors to break!

• Microwave and freezer safe bags.

• No BPA, PVC or latex.

• Bags can be labeled.

What Needs Work

• No extra valves are included.

• Takes a good amount of manual effort to work the pump.

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Best Plastic-Free Sous Vide Bags

A snap to use
Unlike flimsy plastic bags that leak, these bags made from silicone are rock solid. We loved them in our sous vide tests—and they work up to 400 degrees. Caveat: no vacuum pump or clips included.

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Best Plastic-Free Sous Vide Bags: Stasher 100% Silicone Food Grade Reusable Storage Bag

If you prefer a plastic-free sous vide bag, we’d recommend Stashers 100% Silicone Food Grade reusable storage bags. Yes, they are silicone—and as such, work up to higher temperatures than their plastic competitors (400 degrees). 

After trying these out, we’d recommend them to sous vide fans. They are easy to use and seal tightly.

What We Liked

• Durable.

• Freezer, dishwasher and microwave safe.

• Work well at higher temperatures (up to 400 degrees).

• Pinch-lock seal.

• Easy to handle and use for sous vide.

• Seal tightly (when used properly!).

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• Could be easier to clean.

• Can be challenge to get all the air out.

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Best Bags for Freezing

Durable, BPA free plastic
Excellent bags here—we liked this bundle's overall quality, including an easy-to-use manual sealer pump. Several clips are included, but no extra valves. Caveat: bags could be easier to clean.

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Best Bags for Freezing: Zonegrace Sous Vide Bags

Not all of the sous vide bags we tested were great at also freezing food—we thought Zonegrace excelled at both tasks. These durable bags were a winner in our tests.

What We Liked

• Includes manual vacuum sealer pump.

• 45 bags in three sizes.

• Easy to use.

• Durable plastic also worked well for freezing food.

• BPA free.

• Freezer and microwave safe.

What Needs Work

• No extra valves.

• Only 4 sous vide bag clips included—other bundles we tested had more clips.

• Bags could be easier to clean.

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