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What are the best paper plates? We surveyed the readers of our parenting books to find their favorites. Then we tested them ourselves. Which performed best? Eco-friendly? Lightweight? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Paper Plate Overall

5 layers = less leaks
Excellent! We loved how sturdy these plates were—plus they are microwave safe. Made in the US and sized right for most uses. These plates passed our spaghetti with tomato sauce leak test!
$13.96 ($0.06 / Count)

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Best Paper Plate Overall: Dixie Everyday Paper Plates

We tried out paper plates from a half dozen major brands before deciding Dixie’s Everyday Paper Plates are the best overall. They performed best in our tests . . . no leaking and sturdy!

To test paper plates, we put a pound of spaghetti and tomato sauce in the center and let it sit for 5 minutes. Did it leak? These plates passed with flying colors.

What We Liked

• 10″ size is perfect for most everyday uses.

• 5 layers = no leaks.

• Made in the USA.

• Simple design (diamond pattern on white background).

• Microwaveable.

What Needs Work

• Not as strong as other Dixie brands. These plates are part of Dixie’s “Everyday” line—that’s their basic paper plate option. If you want something stronger, the Dixie Ultra line is built to handle more food (2 lbs.) and liquid.

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Best Eco-Friendly Plate

Made of biodegradable sugarcane figer
Is it too much to ask to have a compostable paper plate that doesn't leak? This brand passed our leak test . . . something most eco-friendly plates couldn't do! Made in China. No plastic or wax.

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Best Eco-Friendly Plate: Stack Man Plates (125-Pack)

We love the convenience of regular plastic paper plates . . . but let’s be honest: they aren’t great when it comes to sustainability. Few cities have recycling programs that accept food-contaminated paper and plastic waste—that is, plastic paper plates!

We tried out several eco-friendly plates and put them through our spaghetti and tomato sauce test. In the end, we think Stack Man Plates are the best sustainable option for paper plates. Yes, they are compostable and, therefore, easier to recycle.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Made of sugarcane fiber.

• Biodegradable.

• Compostable.

• Microwaveable.

• No plastic or wax used.

• Oil and cut resistant.

• Unbleached.

• 9″ size is handy.

What Needs Work

• No plastic = they can get soggy from food. These plates passed our spaghetti test . . . but just barely. We checked for leaks at five minutes and all was good. Another couple of minutes after that, however, and these plates started to leak.

• Large raised edge makes for smaller center area.

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Best Plate For Parties

Passed our soak test
Now for something more festive—we liked these heavy duty plates, which are microwavable and can stand up to hot food. Cut resistant.

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Best Plate For Parties: Glad Square Disposable Paper Plates

When it comes to parties, we like to up the paper plate game a bit—something more festive, decorative. We tried out a few different options and then decided on Glad Square’s Disposable Paper Plates.

What We Liked

• Performed well. This plate passed our one pound of spaghetti and sauce leak test. It’s coated and that helped!

• Square shape is nice change of pace.

• Festive design.

• Different sizes and shapes in case you prefer a round plate.

• Durable.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

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Best Lightweight Plates

Great for snacks or picnics
Coated to resist leaks, we liked these simple plates for casual meals. Nothing fancy, but do the job well! Caveat: large rim means these plates hold less food than meets the eye.
$32.12 ($0.06 / Dinnerware)

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Best Lightweight Plates: Dixie Basic 9” Light-Weight Paper Plates

Sometimes regular paper plates are overkill. If you are just having light snacks—or need to take paper plates on a road trip, a lighter weight plate will do the trick.

We tried out several different options in this category before crowning Dixie’s Basic 9″ Light-Weight Paper Plates as the winner. Nothing fancy, but gets the job done!

What We Liked

• Coated to be soak resistant.

• Simple design.

• Affordable.

• Sturdy and well made.

What Needs Work

• Small effective size. The large rim means plate holds less food than it appears. Yes, these plates are 9″ in diameter—but the large, raised edge makes the interior small . . . and that means these plates hold less food.

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