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What are the best LED lights for a bedroom? We tried out 11 different brands to find out. Which could be synced to music? Were Bluetooth-compatible? Easiest to install? Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best LED Lights With Remote

Bright and vibrant colors
We loved this LED light set, with 2 strands that come with VERY sticky adhesive. That made them easy to install. Also nice: a remote with 6 dynamic modes, including fade and jump. Caveat: no Bluetooth.

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Best LED Lights With Remote: DAYBETTER Led Strip Lights 32.8ft

Let’s talk the best LED lights!

After trying out several brands, we liked DAYBETTER’s LED Strip lights as a good budget-friendly option that includes a remote. This 32.8 foot strip of LED lights has something we didn’t see on much of the competition: strong adhesive, making them easy to install.

These LED lights worked well to light up a bedroom. Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Very bright!

• Remote that is easy to use.

• 20 different colors and six dynamic modes (including jump and fade).

• Stick well thanks to strong adhesive.

• Two strips that can be linked or cut for length.

• Easy on the wallet.

What Needs Work

• Could be easier to expand.

• Remote has to be very close to the lights to work.

• Adhesive can be too sticky . . . it can damage the walls if not careful!

• No Bluetooth. Nope, you can’t control these lights with your phone. If that’s important, consider the next recommendation.

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Best LED Lights Bluetooth

Easy to set up and use
Want to sync your lights to music? These LED lights are easy to control via Bluetooth, with an app and a mic & music mode. Very bright colors! Caveat: we wish the adhesive was a bit more sticky.

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Best LED Lights Bluetooth: HRDJ Led Lights Smart Led Strip Lights

If you want to control your bedroom LED lights with a Bluetooth-connected app on your phone, we’d suggest HRDJ’s Led Lights. This large set (65.6 feet total, 4 strips) is super easy to set up and control via your phone.

What We Liked

• Long length (65.6 feet)!

• Bright colors.

• Easy set-up.

• App works well.

• Music and mic mode—changes color with your music!

• Remote.

• Voice activated.

What Needs Work

• Adhesive could be more sticky.

• Need a separate connector to reconnect cut sections.

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Best Bedroom LED Lights 60+ feet

Built in mic syncs to music
The super bright LED lights are the star feature here—and the 44 key remote has just about any feature you can think of. We liked the strong adhesive, but the Bluetooth app could be easier to use.

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Best Bedroom LED Lights 60+ feet: Nexillumi 65.6ft LED Lights for Bedroom

Sixty feet is about the right measurement if you want LED lights to run the perimeter of most bedrooms—unfortunately, some LED light sets are shorter than that. If you need a sixty plus foot set, we like Nexillumi’s 65.6 foot LED light set.

Yes, there are two rolls in this kit—plus a rather impressive 44-key remote with just about every function you can think of. Bottom line: these LED  lights worked well.

What We Liked

• Remote is well designed. 

• Built-in mic syncs lights with music.

• Bluetooth and smartphone app control.

• Adhesive is strong = easy to install.

• 65+ feet of rope.

• Very bright!

What Needs Work

• Bluetooth app not as user-friendly as others we tested. Yes, it worked, but we wish it was a bit more intuitive.

• Instructions could be more clear.

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Best Small Bedroom LED Lights

Easy to install
We liked these LED lights to light up a smaller space—and yes, the remote really does have 44 buttons. The best bet: music mode. Also nice: a timer that can turn off the lights after 60 minutes.

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Best Small Bedroom LED: Nexillumi 20 ft LED Lights for Bedroom

If you’ve got a small bedroom and just need a shorter set of LED lights, we think Nexillumi’s 20 foot set is a good bet. It works well and is easy on the wallet.

What We Liked

• 44 key remote! 

• 8 levels  of dimming.

• Music mode syncs lights to your music,.

• Easy to install.

• 20 preset colors.

• Timer turns off lights after set periods (up to 60 minutes).

What Needs Work

• Remote can be a bit finicky when switching between modes.

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