Best For Large Families: Greenco Vibrant Colors Ice Cream Dessert Bowls and Spoons

If you’ve got a large family of ice cream lovers, this colorful set of 12 bowls and spoons is what we’d recommend.

What We Likeds

• Adorable!

• Four colors with matching spoons—the mock ice cream cone on the side of the cup is a nice touch.

• BPA free

• Affordable.

• Perfect portion size for kids. The bowls hold about six to eight ounces of ice cream.

What Needs Work

• Spoons can break.

• When washed, water can get stuck inside the plastic bowls.

Best For Small Families: Dessert Bowls, 4 pack Ice Cream Bowl Spoon Set

If you don’t need a big set of ice cream bowls and spoons, Tellshun’s 4-pack of ice cream bowls is perfectly sized for smaller families.

What We Liked

 Stackable for storage.

• Super cute! The cone shaped spoons are adorable.

• Nicely sized for kiddos.

• Great for a gift.

• Outside of the bowl resembles a sugar cone.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

Best For Sundae Parties: Outside the Box Papers Ice Cream Sundae Kit

When you need bowls for an ice cream sundae party for kids, we think this kit is a good bet—24 cups, spoons, straws and even cute little umbrellas.

What We Liked

• Sturdy cups.

• Holds 12 ounces of ice cream—not too big or small.

• Affordable.

Best Multi-Use Bowls: Sweese 101.001 Porcelain Bowls

Yes, ice cream-themed bowls are cute for kids—but what if you want your ice cream bowls to do double duty for other desserts? We’d recommend Sweese’s porcelain bowls. This set of 6 bowls is a favorite here at the home office.

What We Liked

• Sturdy, good quality.

• Stackable.

• Microwave, freezer and oven safe.

• More colors choices if you don’t like white.

• Holds a couple big scoops of ice cream.

What Needs Work

• Smaller than they look? We thought these bowls were perfectly sized for ice cream or desserts—but we can understand if folks want something bigger. These bowls are about 5″ across.

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