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What's the best generator cord? We surveyed our readers who live in hurricane country for their suggestions—real-world experience with folks who know a thing or two about generators. Then we talked with contractors and asked them for their input.

Here are the cords that came highly recommended for overall performance and durability.

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Best 50 Amp Cord Elbow

Can handle 12,500 watts
This elbow-designed plug would work both for RV's and backup emergency power. Heavy duty cord provides a sturdy, tight connection. Doesn't get warm.

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Best 50 Amp Generator Cord: Conntek 1450SS2-25 50 Amp Temp Power Generator Cord

What’s the best cord for your generator?

First, let’s go over a couple of key tips:

  1. Generators are rated by watts, generator CORDS are rated in amps. That is, if you generator has a 50 amp outlet, you need a 50 amp cord. Using a 30 amp cord to hook up a generator with a 50 amp outlet could damage the generator and your appliances.
  2. Consider the number of prongs. Most 30 amp cords have three prongs, 50 amp cords have 4 prongs, or twist-lock prongs. Check your generator manual to find what is recommended.
  3. Is this cord for recreation? Or backup power? It matters—many folks use a generator for RV’ing or camping. This can be a short length cord. When it comes to backup power, you need to be at least 20 feet from your home. That said, only get the length of cord you need . . . extra long cords that aren’t necessary can result in power loss or damage to your generator.
  4. What gauge cord is best for your needs? Cord gauge is a measure of the thickness of the cord. The more amps you need, the heavier the gauge.


Ok, let’s get to the recommendations.

For the best 50 amp generator cord, we’d recommend Conntek’s 50 amp cord at 25 feet long—which is right in the correct range for safety when operating a generator for backup power during an emergency.

What We Liked

• Heavy duty design can handle 12,500 watts.

• Sturdy, tight connection.

• Doesn’t get warm.

• Compatible with generators that use NEMA-14-50R outlet.

• Designed to attach generator to transfer-switch outlet.

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Best 30 Amp Generator Cord

Can handle 7,500 watts
We liked this cord for use in cold weather—it remains flexible even when temperatures dip. 20 gauge wire and 25 foot length. Rated for 250 volt use.

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Best 30 Amp Generator Cord: Champion 25-Foot 30-Amp 250-Volt Generator Power Cord

We liked this affordable 30 amp cord that is rated for 250 volt service—this Champion cord is 25 feet long. That would work both for RV’s and running a generator to power a home after a hurricane.

What We Liked

 Flexible in cold weather.

• 20 gauge wire.

• Round plug.

• Affordable.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Can handle 7,500 watts
Excellent 30 amp cord that twist-locks in place. We liked the 20 foot length and bright color for visibility. Caveat: 20 feet is the MINIMUM distance a generator should be from a house!

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Best Budget-Friendly: MPI Tools Nema L14-30 Generator Power Cord

Yes, generator cords can be quite pricey. But we did find one model that did a good job  . . . at a price that is easier on the wallet: MPI Tools NEMA L14-30 cord. It is a 30 amp cord that can work up to 7500 watts.

What We Liked

• Bright orange color makes it visible!

 • Weather proofed, 10 gauge thickness.

• 4 prong design locks in place.

What Needs Work

• Could be easier to twist to lock.

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Best 30 Amp Cord Converter

Can handle 3,750 watts
A great cord to convert a 30 amp outlet to three 15amp 125 volt household-style outlets. Good quality 10 gauge wiring. Can run 3 appliances from 1 cord. Caveat: not as flexible in cold weather.

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Best 30 Amp Cord Converter: Champion Power Equipment 48034 35 ft. 30A 125V Generator Power Cord

If you need to convert a 30 amp outlet to three 15 amp household-type outlets, we’d recommend this cord from Champion. Good quality and performance.

What We Liked

• Sturdy.

• Can operate three appliances from single cord.

• Locking outlet design.

• Dust covers for unused outlets.

• 10 gauge wire.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Could be more flexible in colder weather.

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