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What are the best dinosaur toys? We turned to the experts to find out—actual kids who love dinosaurs! They played with several dinosaur toys and gave us valuable feedback. Then we asked our parent readers for their favorites. Here are the ones we'd recommend.

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Best Toy Dinosaurs + Play Mat

Includes illustrated booklet
Our kid testers loved this play mat (plus dinosaur toys) best, with its generous size (almost 4 feet long). BPA-free. Includes drawstring storage bag, which is a nice touch.

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Best Toy Dinosaurs + Play Mat: Giftinthebox Dinosaur Toys

Let’s talk about what makes for the best dinosaur toys!

Real-looking dinos are key, said our kid testers and we’d agree—it’s amazing the detail you see on the current crop of dinosaur toys.

One of the best dinosaur toys is a play mat with a good selection of plastic dinosaurs. After trying out several options, we’d recommend this brand: GiftInTheBox’s Dinosaur Toys Play Mat. A nice selection of dinos, at a price that doesn’t break the bank. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• LARGE size mat. At 31.5″ by 47.3″, this mat is much bigger than other dinosaur play mats we researched. 

• 9 larger dinos + trees+ rocks. And even a dozen baby dinosaurs!

• Nice variety of dino species.

• Includes a T-Rex and illustrated booklet.

• Drawstring storage bag.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Dinosaurs could stand easier. Yes, they stand, but it takes a bit of effort—and that disappointed some kiddos.

• No non-slip backing. Hence this mat can slip around on a hardwood floor.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Age 2 years and up
This pack of 12 realistic plastic dinosaurs is a kid favorite—7" tall, they are not too big, nor too small. Includes a booklet with descriptions of each dino. No batteries!

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Best Budget-Friendly: Prextex Realistic Looking 7” Dinosaur Pack of 12

Sometimes simple is better.

If you are just looking for fun plastic dinosaurs (no play mat or sound book), then this set is what we’d recommend.

Realistic Looking 7″ Dinosaurs Pack of 12 Toys scored high on our list for playability and quality—plastic dinosaurs let kids use their imaginations for play.

Parents of our kid testers also like the included booklet that had short descriptions of each dinosaur.

What We Liked

• No batteries, no sound! That’s a feature, not a bug.

• Sturdy plastic, bright colors. These seven-inch dinos felt substantial and well made.

• Parent-directed learning. The included booklet lets parents explain basic facts about each dinosaur.

What Needs Work

• Smelly when opened. A few parents complained about the plastic smell when the package is opened. You might want to let these guys air out before gifting them to a child.

• Some don’t stand. While most of these dinosaurs stand up on their own, a few did not in our testing batch. That is a disappointment.

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Best Dinosaur Toys With Wheels

4 of the most popular dinos
Perfectly sized for smaller hands, these wheeled dinosaur toys are super fun. Wind-up the wheels and let them go—no batteries needed.

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Best Dinosaur Toys With Wheels: 3 Bees & Me Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur toys with wheels are a favorite, especially with younger kiddos. Basically, these are a hybrid between plastic dinosaurs and car toys. They got an enthusiastic thumbs up from our three-year-old testers.

Parents liked them too—no batteries, just wind-up wheels for rolling.

What We Liked

• Bright colors.

• Great for smaller hands.

• Wind them up = no batteries.

• BPA and phthalate free.

• 4 dinos include stegosaurus, triceratops, diplodocus, T-Rex.

What Needs Work

• Only four dinos? Other sets around this price point include more dinos.

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