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What's the best console table for an entryway? Should you get a model with or without drawers? We asked our parent readers for their favorites and then did 3 more hours of research, comparing quality and features. Here are the console tables we recommend.

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Best Budget-Friendly

Sleek, industrial design
Loved the simple MDF top (finished to look like maple) and the black metal frame here. Easy to assemble . . . if you have a drill.

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Best Budget-Friendly: Console Sofa Tables End Table Computer Desk Coffee Snack Console Tables

Yes, console tables can get rather pricey—but there is good news! We found a good quality table that doesn’t break the bank. Homecho’s console table isn’t anything fancy (there are no drawers or extra shelves), but it does the trick. 

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble if you have a drill.

• Sleek design.

• Affordable.

• Sturdy.

What Needs Work

• Yes, you need a drill. The top doesn’t have pre-drilled holes.

• Installation requires carefully lining up the top to the base so its square.

• No drawers or second shelf.

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Best Black Console Table

Sturdy with matching hardware
The single long drawer is the star here—you can hide away clutter. Criss-cross pattern on sides makes this table look more expensive than it is. Caveat: assembly takes some time and effort.

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Best Black Console Table: Convenience Concepts Oxford 1 Drawer Console Table

Many console tables have a natural wood or barn wood look . . . but what if you just want a black console table? In that case, we liked Convenience Concepts Oxford console table. This table is a reader favorite—folks like the single long drawer with matching knobs. 

What We Liked


• Nice color fits well with most decor.

• Long drawer hides away clutter.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Little actual storage space in drawer. 

• Assembly could be easier. More than one reader told us this console table took some time and effort to assemble.

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Best Narrow Console Table

Easy to assemble
Fits nicely behind a couch or in narrow entryway—this table looks more posh than the price suggests. Also nice: second lower shelf can hold more stuff.

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Best Narrow Console Table: HOOBRO Console Table 47.2” Narrow Sofa Table with Shelf

Narrow entry ways can present a problem when shopping for a console tables, as many tables are about 12″ wide. If space is a challenge, we’d recommend HOOBRO’s console table. Good quality and narrow width (8.7″).

What We Liked

• Easy to assemble.

• Fits nicely in narrow spaces.

• Looks more expensive than it is.

• Great for entryways or behind a sofa.

• Bottom shelf can hold up to 22 lbs.

• Top shelf can hold up to 44 lbs.

• Affordable.

What Needs Work

• Lower weight capacity than other tables we researched.

• Directions were hard to follow.

Best With Drawers

Great to hide stuff
Two drawers are the highlight here—but we also liked how nice this table looks, considering the price is so easy on the wallet. Caveat: no drawer stops.

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Best With Drawers: HOMECHO Console Table, Sofa Table, Industrial Entryway Table with 2 Drawers

As a parent with kids, we can attest to how quickly stuff can accumulate at an entryway table: keys, gum, toys, hair brush, sunglasses . . . and more. 

An entryway table with two drawers is most helpful in hiding all that clutter. For the best console table with drawers, we went with another reader favorite: this HOMECHO design looks expensive, but shhh! No one has to know how little you spent.

What We Liked

• Two drawers with smooth glides.

• Sturdy.

• Looks pricey but is affordable.

• Large weight capacity (88 lbs. bottom shelf; 66 lbs. top shelf)

• Industrial vibe.

What Needs Work

• No drawer stops. That means if you pull the drawers all the way, they will come out!

• A bit challenging to assemble.

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