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He's captured the hearts and minds of Star Wars fans, thanks to the new Mandalorian TV series. Officially known as "The Child," we've rounded up the best Baby Yoda merchandise for your favorite Star Wars devotees. Here are the top Baby Yoda toys and gifts.

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Best T-Shirt

Officially, "the child" this adorable t-shirt features baby Yoda in his floating bassinet.

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Best Baby Yoda T-Shirt: Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Floating Pod T-Shirt

This is our favorite t-shirt featuring “The Child”—or better known as Baby Yoda. It comes in both men’s, women’s and youth sizes. FYI: While the solid colors are 100% cotton, the “Dark Heather” color is a cotton/poly blend.

Don’t like this design? Here are three more of our favorite Baby Yoda t-shirts to consider:

Baby Yoda T-Shirt Alternative 1

Baby Yoda T-Shirt Cartoon


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Best Phone Accessory

This PopSockets cell phone accessory functions as both a grip and stand.

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Best Phone Accessory: Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child PopSockets 

If you haven’t heard of PopSockets, this is the perfect introduction: these clever devices double as both a grip and cell phone stand. And the Mandalorian version is complete with that cute pose of Baby Yoda. Here’s what the PopSocket’s looks like as a phone stand:

The Best Baby Yoda Toys

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Best Collectible

The official 11" plush of The Child, complete with the ultra-cute robe.

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