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What's the best thermometer for a baby? We tested a dozen thermometers for babies and kids—underarm, pacifier, oral and forehead. We rated the thermometers on accuracy and ease of use. Here are the winners!

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Best Oral/Underarm Baby Thermometer

10 seconds for a reading
The OCCObaby Digital Thermometer is both affordable and accurate. It takes oral, underarm and rectal temps.

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Best Oral/Underarm Baby Thermometer: OCCObaby Baby Thermometer

The OCCObaby Baby Thermometer is both affordable and accurate. It takes oral, underarm and rectal temps.

FYI: we only recommend using oral or underarm thermometers after one year of age. Because fever in babies under one year can be significantly more dangerous than in babies over one, pediatricians prefer parents use a rectal thermometer for the most accurate reading.

After one year of age, any temperature (taken orally or underarm) of over 100° F should be considered a fever—notify your doctor ASAP. Pro tip: your doc will want to know what other symptoms your child has in addition to a fever. This helps the doc better diagnose the cause of the fever.

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Best App-Based Baby Thermometer

8 seconds for a reading
Loved this accurate and easy to use digital thermometer with companion app that helps you track fevers for the whole family. Can use without a smartphone as well.

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Best High Tech Baby Thermometer: Kinsa QuickCare Smart Thermometer

If you’d like to your track your baby’s temperature on a phone app, the Kinsa QuickCare Thermometer does just that—the thermometer connects via Bluetooth to your iOS or Android phone.

We found the Kinsa to be accurate and the app well designed. If your child has multiple illnesses (or you have more than one baby), the app helps keep track of all that, including medications.

Accuracy on the Kinsa is excellent, based on our testing. The latest version of the Kinsa thermometer now displays the temperature right on the device—an improvement over the previous version that required a wired connection to a smartphone to see the temp.

Overall, the Kinsa is recommended as a good techy solution to see if your baby has a fever.

Best Rectal Baby Thermometer

10 seconds for a reading
Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer is easy to use and designed with a short probe to make sure it isn’t inserted too far (ouch).

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Best Baby Rectal Thermometer: Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer 

The Vicks Baby Rectal Thermometer is intended only for use as a rectal thermometer. It reads out the temp in only ten seconds, making it impressively fast. Parents note the thermometer is also very accurate when compared with a hospital grade thermometer and it’s affordable.

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