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What's the best American flag with pole? To find out, we did things the old fashioned way—we ordered in flag/pole combos from several brands and tried them out. Which did better in higher winds? Are made in the USA? Here are the one we'd recommend.

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Best Flag + Pole For High Winds

Tangle-free design
The super heavyweight nylon is the secret sauce here. It can stand up to wind and weather. Also nice: embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Flag is made in the USA.

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Best Flag + Pole For High Winds: Grace Alley Flag Pole Kit

Here’s a common complaint about folks who buy American flags: inexpensive flags can’t stand up to the wind, fraying after just a few months.

Of course, whether you need a flag that can handle extreme weather and/or high winds is open for debate.  If you just want a flag to fly on a porch or deck that is shielded from wind or sun, this may be overkill. 

However, flying a flag on a flagpole or in direct wind/sun requires a flag that can take a beating. In that case, we’d recommend this one: Grace Alley. This made-in-the-USA flag was able to take a licking and still kept flying in our tests.

Here’s more:

What We Liked

• Includes both flag AND pole plus mount.

• Good construction: a polyester header and four-point needle fly hem

• Embroidered stars and stitched stripes. Unlike less expensive flags made of lightweight polyester, this flag is more substantial.

• Great for outdoor use in windy areas.

• Tangle-free design of the pole lets the flag spin in winds.

• Looks fantastic.

• 2 brass grommets.

What Needs Work

• Pricey.

• While flag is made in the USA, the pole and mount are imported.

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Best Budget-Friendly Flag + Pole

Yes, it is made in the USA
Very good quality! We loved this well-made flag, which includes mounting bracket and cast aluminum pole topped with gold finial. Impressive look with bright, vivid colors.

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Best Budget Friendly: American Flag and Flagpole Set

No, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get an American-made flag plus pole set—this one by Annin impressed us with its quality . . . at a price that doesn’t break the bank.

What We Liked

• Made in Virginia or Ohio (the maker has two factories in the US). For the record, the mounting bracket and pole are made in China; but the flag is made in the USA. The kit is assembled in the USA.

• UV resistant SolarGuard dyes to prevent fading.

• Heavyweight 200 denier nylon.

• Cast aluminum bracket.

• Gold finial ball.

• Brass grommets.

What Needs Work

• Not the best choice for high winds. This flag would do well in light to moderate winds, in our opinion. Otherwise, it may start to fray after a few months. 

Best Flag + Pole For Shade: Vedouci American 3×5 Flag Kit

This flag plus pole kit has an excellent pole that is designed to keep the flag from tangling—very effective, in our opinion.

We think this flag would do best in shade or sheltered environments (or indoors if you wish).  That’s because the polyester fabric can fade in direct sunlight, based on reports we see from users.

What We Liked

• Embroidered stars.

• Sturdy pole has tangle-free design—poll spins to avoid the flag tangling.

• Polyester fabric.

• Brass grommets.

• Looks sharp!

What Needs Work

• Not made in the USA.

• Fabric can fade in direct sun, in our opinion.

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