Take a look at this carrier and tell us what you see:

Beco carrier Woodland TrailIf you answered “culturally insensitive appropriation of Native American heritage,” then you’ll agree with the carrier maker’s apology post on their web page (since removed):

We got it wrong. It was brought to our attention that we hurt some of our babywearing family. For that we are sorry, and we are extremely committed to making things right. We recognize that our ‘Woodland Trail’ Beco Toddler Carrier textile repeat (is) culturally insensitive and serve to appropriate Native American culture.

Really? We see a scene of traditional Native American dwellings  . . . but that’s just us.

Meanwhile, Beco also got into hot water for this carrier:


Beco Teepee carrier

And what did Beco call this carrier? Wait for it . . . Teepee. Yep, a print of triangles is now the height of insult to Native Americans.

Interestingly, Beco decided to keep the latter carrier and just rename it—Steps. See, same print, new name! Voila! Not offensive!

To prevent baby carrier cultural insensitivity in the future, Beco also announced—and we’re not making this up—the industry’s first Political Correctness Panel for baby carriers:

We are committed to correcting that mistake and preventing future insensitivities through establishing a Beco Cultural Competency Panel of individuals committed to helping our team improve upon overall understanding and practices. Beco recognizes that it is not the duty of marginalized individuals to educate others about cultural sensitivity, so we appreciate the fact that several individuals choose to do so. 

To help Beco out, we’ll point a few more offensive patterns in their line:

Bus Ride

Yep, that pattern is called Bus Ride—and obviously a slap at economically disadvantaged parents who rely on public transportation to get around. And if you think that is bad, check this one out:

Hero carrier

Yes, that is a camouflage baby carrier, clearly glorifying the Military Industrial Complex and the macho, shout-em-up culture that is the root of so many problem’s in today’s society. Even more insulting is the name: Hero. Wow, Beco—that is salt in the wound. Do you really mean this country’s men and women in the armed forces, some of whom have been involved in atrocities like the My Lai village massacre in Vietnam to Abu Ghraib in Iraq, are all . . . heroes? If so, you have a few books to read.

Now we are just kidding about those two carriers. But our point is you can read anything you like into a print and someone will always be offended. So here’s a topic for your upcoming Thanksgiving dinner (can we even use the word Thanksgiving?): was the mere depiction of Native American dwellings an offense that required the company to apologize and withdraw the baby carrier from the market?