Mobi SecureStart video

Mobi was among the first affordable video baby monitors (under $100) with an LCD screen to score widespread distribution. You’d think after being first to the market with video baby monitors, Mobi would have the video monitor thing down to a science. You’d think . . . but you’d be wrong.

Numerous quality woes have dogged Mobi for years, including broken on/off switches, broken power cords, etc. Interference and static were other major issues for users—some of this is caused by the 2.4 GHz frequency that Mobi uses . . . the same as WiFi Internet routers.

Mobi attempted to address these problems with an updated version dubbed Mobicam Ultra–it didn’t work and this model was discontinued. Their next attempt was the Mobicam DL Digital Monitoring system for $150. Another fail. So what’s new from Mobi?

The Mobicam SecureStart is the company’s most recent offering.  The SecureStart is a bare bones, fixed camera model with intercom feature and an audio-only mode. It’s also very affordable: $54 on Unfortunately, that is the only highlight for the SecureStart.

Feedback this model redefines the word “negative.” The SecureStart has issues with the power cord connection and the battery. Fans like their Mobicam—as long as its working. Which, sad to say in some cases, is a matter of just a few weeks or months before it conks out. Mobicam just can’t quite seem to get quality control right. It’s no surprise this company has de-emphasized video monitors in recent years, as they now hawk more bluetooth speakers and wireless thermometers than monitors.

Bottom line: Mobicam may have been first to the market here, but competitors have out-classed it in recent years. Rating: F