Graco’s sole entry in this category is the True Focus video monitor with 1000-foot range and pan and tilt feature. It also has night vision and rechargeable batteries. Price: $150.

The True Focus has been out for several years—when it was first released, it represented a decent value even though the video is a tiny 2.4″ screen. Other positives include the night vision (noted as good), decent range and lack of interference.

However, Graco hasn’t changed or improved the True Focus since its debut. Compared to newer models by competitors, the complaints here are piling up. Example: readers don’t like the fact you can’t turn off the sound (and just watch the video). And mounting this camera to a wall isn’t easy (Graco intends it to be on a dresser top, apparently).

While the range is good, it isn’t anywhere close to the 1000 feet Graco claims and over time the battery life gets shorter, making it impossible to use it cordless. Also note the zoom feature is digital (not optical)—which means you lose some resolution as you zoom in. And some parents say the True Focus drops its signal frequently and its quality degrades over just a few months (range worsens, buttons stop working, etc). Hence, parents love the True Focus when they take it out of the box , but after a few months . . . not so much.

Finally, we should note the Graco True Focus is not a streaming monitor (you can’t view it on a TV, computer or smart phone). But not everyone needs or wants that feature . . . and the price of the True Focus reflects its stand-alone capabilities. You can’t add on additional cameras to this unit—it is a solo deal.

Bottom line:  Graco’s monitor is okay, but not great. Long term durability and reliability issues mar this model.

Rating: C-

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