Reader Kathleen E. writes in today with an update to nursery furniture maker A.P. Industries:

I was looking in your section on cribs because I was interested in a crib I saw in store.  It was an A.P.Industries crib and I was disappointed to read the review saying they were made in China (the store said they were made in Canada).  I looked on the A.P. Industries website and saw that it said “some” cribs were made in China .  Curious to know if the one I was looking at was made in Canada or China I emailed the company.  Below is their reply, stating that as of May this year all of their cribs are made in Canada.

Good day Madam,
Please note that our website is currently being updated. Since May 15th, all of our products, including cribs, bunk beds (leather bed has been discontinued) are Canadian made.