Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller, Blue

Mia Moda Elite Lightweight Stroller, Blue $130. Basically, a copy of the Baby Jogger City Mini and Britax B-Agile.

Web: dreamonme.com

Dream on Me is best known for affordable cribs and crib mattresses. In 2010, the company acquired stroller maker Mia Moda, which was launched in the early 2000’s by two ex-Graco and Maclaren alumni. The subsequent strollers are marketed as Dream on Me/Mia Moda or just Mia Moda.

To be honest, we’ve never been that impressed with this brand. Our impression of Dream on Me/Mia Moda: a maker of lower quality strollers that are often copycats of better known brands. We don’t have a problem with knock-off strollers—that happens with frequency in this biz. But why not try to make the quality on par with the original? We don’t see much design originality or innovation here.

The company has a bewildering array of 18 strollers on the market as of this writing.. Some of the models haven’t been updated for 10 years.

As for a copycat example, take a look at the Mia Moda Elite stroller ($130). If we told you it had a one-hand quick fold, what stroller would that conjure? Give yourself 50 points if you said Baby Jogger’s City Mini or the Britax B-Agile.

The Acrobat (pictured; $340)), an all-terrain style four wheel stroller with bassinet is an obvious riff on the Bugaboo Cameleon.

There are a slew of other Mia Moda strollers on the market, which no longer are featured on Mia Moda’s web site but seem to live on in stock on Amazon and other sites. These include:

Dream On Me Acrobat, Multi Terrain Stroller and Bassinet, Black

Dream On Me Acrobat, Multi Terrain Stroller and Bassinet, Black $340. Like a Bugaboo in looks, but not in quality.

• The Libero Elite ($140, 18.7 lbs.): a feature rich umbrella stroller with full, four-position recline, standing fold, adjustable footrest, shockproof rear wheels, and car seat compatibility.

• The Atmosferra ($190, 23.8 lbs.): an expensive, full-size stroller with three-position seat recline, reversible seat, height adjustable handle, adjustable foot rest, cupholder, and lockable front swivel wheels.

•The Compagno ($190, 34.4 lbs.): a knockoff of the Baby Trend Sit N Stand. An older toddler can sit or stand in the back, while a younger baby sits in front. The Compagno is also car seat compatible.

• The Veloce ($102, 16 lbs.): a full size model with two handles, an extended canopy, and plush padding.

So, how’s the quality? Feedback on these strollers is sparse, as the brand is sold in few stores and just a handful of online sites. What little reader feedback we’ve heard is mixed at best: the Acrobat has received mixed reviews from parents who complain that the quality is poor, it can’t be combined with an infant seat and it’s expensive for what you get ($300 to $350). A few readers praise Dream on Me’s more affordable models (the ones under $100).

Bottom line: this isn’t a brand we’d recommend.

Rating: D+