Thule Chariot Cougar with jogging stroller adapter

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Outdoor gear brand Thule takes a different approach to the jogger market—they make bicycle trailers that covert into jogging strollers, plus they’ve introduced their first sport strollers

As a side note, Thule bought out Canadian bike trailer manufacturer Chariot. They have transitioned away from the Chariot brand name although they still call the trailers Thule Chariot. Strollers are just Thule.

The models. If you are an avid bicyclist who also wants to occasionally jog with baby, Thule offers four models of bike trailers (and corresponding double trailers) with optional kits that turn the trailers into jogging strollers. Example: the Cougar ($690 to $775, includes strolling kit), which features plush harness straps, padded seats and adjustable suspension. A plus: the Cougar has expanded legroom for the kiddies. A double version (Cougar 2) is $790 to $875. The CX1 ($675 to $1230) can also be converted to a jogger with their Jogging Kit ($100 to $300).

Rencently, the company expanded into the stroller arena with three sports strollers: the Thule Glide ($375), and the Urban Glide ($400). The Glide is a fixed wheel dedicated jogging stroller with 16″ front wheel and 18″ rear wheels. It comes with height adjustable handle, hand brake, and adjustable canopy. The fold is one handed although to get it compact you need to remove the wheels. The stroller weighs 22 lbs. and the price is $350. Accessories include a parent console and infant car seat adapter.

Thule Urban Glide stroller

Thule Urban Glide stroller

The Urban Glide (23 lbs.) is similar to the Glide but includes a full recline, a 12.5″ front wheel that swivels or locks in 2 positions and 16″ rear wheels. Price: $400. A double version, the Urban Glide 2, ($600 to $935) weighs 31 lbs.

Our view. While this brand is pricey (some models run well over $1000), we’ve been impressed with Thule’s quality—no, they aren’t cheap . . . but you’ll be amazed by the ease of use and adjustments. (Yes, there is even a cross-country ski kit). The downside: these trailers/joggers are too wide to take into most stores, so this isn’t a good solution for shopping. Obviously, unless you are a serious biker or runner, a Thule is probably overkill. But if you want a quality bike trailer that can morph into a stroller, this brand should be on the top of your shopping list.

If you’re looking at their jogging stroller or all-terrain options, both the Glide and the Urban Glide are sturdy, well made strollers. The fold isn’t as compact as competitors (unless you remove the wheels) but the quality is impressive. Rating: A