810SUGGEf1L._SY550_FYI: ZoloWear appears to have gone out of business. We’ll keep this review up for a while as their products are still for sale online.

Price: $50 to $125 depending on fabric (silk, linen, mesh and cotton options).

Weight Range: 8 to 35 lbs.

Comments: Zolo Wear’s mojo are cool fabrics: cotton (including organic), Irish linen, silk brocade and breathable mesh. Yep, it’s the gorgeous silk material (machine washable) that catches your eye (see photo). Designed with a front ring, these slings include a front pouch and come in four sizes and two styles (pleated or classic). The Zolo Wear sling can be used with baby in five different positions. Check their web site for sales, plus there is a factory outlet. Reader feedback on Zolo Wear is positive, although a few moms told us it takes a bit of practice to use the sling. An instructional DVD is included plus you’ll find videos and illustrations on their site.

Rating: A