img3cKristi, a reader of the Baby Bargains book, sent along this question:

“Can you advise whether the Lullaby Earth mattresses mentioned above and the Lullaby Mattress sold at Pottery Barn Kids are the same thing, or from the same manufacturer?  I’m inclined to think they’re separate companies and completely unrelated but I wanted to make certain.

And if they are unrelated, have you reviewed the Lullaby mattresses?  I would very much like to get the PBK Kendall crib, but not if the mattresses they sell for the crib are substandard.”

With a little bit of research, we discovered the Lullaby mattresses on Pottery Barn Kids’ web site are most likely made by Simmons, based on their descriptions and the fact they are made in Wisconsin. We review Simmons mattresses on our web site here. No, they are not manufactured by Lullaby Earth (reviewed here), even though their names are similar.