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Type: Refill canister.

Price: $33 with one refill; additional refills $14 (two pack; holds up to 544 diapers).

Pros: Baking soda+diapers = less stink.

Cons: Supposedly only needs one hand to open lid, but really difficult one handed.

Comments: This diaper pail’s secret weapon is baking soda—once you put a diaper in, a built-in dispenser sprinkles the diaper with baking soda to control odor. Yes, you still have to push in the diaper (like the Diaper Genie), but the self-sealing system is a bit easier to use and does what it supposed to do: control the stink.

Reader feedback on this has been trending positive on this pail. Parents praise the lack of odor saying it seals better than other brands. And the little shot of baking soda from the refillable cartridge can’t hurt. It’s also easy to replace the bag and remove the dirty diapers.

Perhaps the biggest complaint we hear from readers is what’s called the “squish factor.” You have to really push the diaper down to get it into the pail–not fun when it’s a really full diaper. And some enterprising toddlers have easily figured out how to get the door open in the base. Finally, it does take two hands to open the lid making for tough going if you have your baby in one hand. Still with all it’s faults, Munchkin’s Arm & Hammer diaper pail is a great option for odor control.

Rating: A