FYI: BabyHawk was recently purchased by Moby. They appear to be keeping the companies separate with their own web sites. BabyHawk is now mostly a custom mei tai manufacturer, selling directly from their web site. We’ll update as we receive further information.


Price: $90 to $120.

Weight Range: Two sizes: newborn  to 40 lbs. and 15 to 40 lbs.

Comments: BabyHawk offers quite a few options if you want to custom design your own mei tai. Start with a strap color (5 options) and main body color (over 35), and then decide whether you want extra long straps ($5), toy rings ($5 each), Oh Spit! strap protectors ($15) or reversible fabric ($20). Without all the extras, a basic BabyHawk is $90. If you just want to buy an in-stock mei tai, we saw over 30 options available when we last visited.

BabyHawk makes two types of mei tais: one for smaller babies up to 40 lbs. and the other for older babies to 15 to 40 lbs. (called the ToddlerHawk). This allows for a more customized fit.

We like all the unique fabrics including nature scenes, Asian prints, and geometrics. Like other mei tais, BabyHawk can be used in front, back or on the hip. Readers most like the customization options (but be forewarned: customized BabyHawks are non-returnable) and the comfortable fabrics. On the other hand, some readers complained that the straps were too long . . . and it takes a while to figure out how to use these carriers.

Rating: A

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