Editor’s note: Sopora is owned by Munire, which declared bankruptcy in September 2014. The company hopes to reorganize its business; as of this writing, there was no word on the fate of the company as it winds through the bankruptcy process. Given the uncertainty, we would wait on purchasing a Sopora crib mattress until there is more clarity.

Web: SoporaSleep.com

Furniture maker Munire teamed with Terri Paul, one of the founders of Moonlight Slumber, to launch Sopora in 2012. The new crib mattress company is focused on eco-friendly mattresses with the latest technologies.

Sopora has eight made-in-the-US models that feature Baby Safe “sealed seams” to keep out fluid, bed bugs and dust mites. The mattress covers are medical-grade, with no vinyl or phthalates and the corners are square.

What makes these mattresses even more unique? The use of a new lightweight foam (called CertiPUR), which is made of soy and caster oil. Sopora claims this is healthier and lighter than foam made by competing manufacturers.

The lowest priced model, the Classic, is 5” foam with coated nylon and sells for $165. The Premium, is also 5” with a dual firmness zone for $185 (pictured). The Deluxe ($230) and the Ultimate ($260) are 6” thick and have stretch knit covers with a waterproof urethane coating. The Ultimate has dual firmness zones for babies and toddlers and is Sopora’s best-selling mattress. The prices are very reasonable compared to similar quality mattresses.

New to the line, the Ultimate Select mattress is the same as the Ultimate mattress with a new Celliant fabric cover ($260). Celliant is a stretch-knit, medical grade fabric.

Also new: the Perfect Mattress which uses the same Celliant fabric cover as well as a CoolGel foam layer to help keep your baby from overheating or getting cold. Price: $320. The Perfect also use an air foam technology called BabysBreath on one side to improve airflow, the company claims. The other side is for toddlers and is more like a conventional toddler mattress.

Finally, Sopora has introduced a new organic mattress cover with a water proof backing that you can use with or without a sheet. Price: $60.

All Sopora mattresses are Greenguard certified and made in the U.S.

Feedback on these mattresses has been positive and overall quality is excellent. Rating: A