Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Crib MattressWeb site:

Lullaby Earth is a new division of Naturepedic (reviewed separately) that is aiming for affordable eco crib mattresses priced under $200. Yes, you read that right—an eco crib mattress priced as a conventional mattress.

Lullaby Earth’s Healthy Support crib mattress is made of polyethylene foam (a non-toxic, food-grade foam that requires no fire retardant chemicals) and weighs just 7 lbs. (Most other foam mattresses on the market are made of polyurethane).  It features seamless edges and GREENGUARD-certification. Price: $170. A 2-Stage version of this crib mattress is $200.

Lullaby Earth’s newest mattress is the Breeze. They’ve taken their 2-Stage crib mattress and added a waterproof, breathable and removable & washable cover. Price: $280. The advantage: you can use this mattress without an additional waterproof mattress pad.

Lullaby Earth says the Breeze’s cover is an “advanced 3D honeycomb structure (that) creates a cushion of air under. . . baby for airflow and breathability.” As we’ve discussed elsewhere, sirens go off here at the home office when crib mattress companies claim their mattress is “breathable.” The obvious implication is that the mattress can prevent SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) . . or that baby can be put to sleep on their stomach.

Neither of these implied claims is true—no mattress can prevent SIDS. And you should always put your baby to sleep on his back. Never on his stomach, no matter what the mattress maker claims about breathability.

FYI: Pottery Barn Kids appears to be selling a couple of Lullaby Earth’s older mattresses which are discontinued on Lullaby Earth’s own web site. These are the Lightweight crib mattress ($199) and the Lightweight 2-stage ($249). We recommend these mattresses.

Despite this transgression with the Breeze, we like Lullaby Earth’s mattresses. The Healthy Support is an excellent, lightweight option at an affordable price.

Reader feedback on Lullaby Earth’s mattresses has been very positive—the quality and durability is good. Rating: A