The Lascal M1 baby carrier is no longer being sold in the US after a lawsuit from rival Baby Bjorn claimed the carrier violated its patents.

Reader Anthea F. tipped us to this story—and it was confirmed by Lascal's U.S. distributor, Regal Lager, in an email to us today:

Yes, that information is unfortunately correct.  Lascal is fighting Baby Björn in Europe and trying to invalidate Baby Björns patents, so well see what eventually happen.  Anyway, for now the M1 is not for sale in the US.

No word on when or if the Lascal carrier might return to the market. 
The Lascal carrier has been pulled off Regal Lager's web site. We still see the carrier sold online on some sites, but we doubt that will last much longer.
Meanwhile, in other Regal Lager news, the distributor is planning to bring back the original Diaper Dekor refills. As you might remember from reading our book, the Dekor's "eco" refills have been a disaster, sparking complaints from users about their, well, stink. We'll let you know when the original refills are back in stock.