Infant Car Seat review: Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35

Price: $350.

Limits: 4-35 lbs., 32”

NHTSA ease of use rating: Not yet.

Pros: Load leg + anti-rebound for more crash protection. Fully extended canopy with ventilation.

Cons: $350! Brand new, so no feedback yet. Stroller compatibility unknown so far.

Comments: The Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido is the newest member of the Perego infant car seat family. Nido is Italian for nest—we’ll call this seat Nido for short.

The Nido is Perego’s first infant car seat with a load leg, which you see increasingly in the market today. Load legs add extra stability in a crash and can be seen in pricey seats like like the Cybex Aton Q and GB Asana DLX.

The Nido also has an anti-rebound bar—it appears that Perego took a “belt AND suspenders” approach to safety here. (Most seats have either an anti-rebound bar or a load leg, but not both. Peg must have figured, why not both?). Peg claims that both of these features can reduce seat rotation by more than 50% in a crash—but there is no independent verification of this yet as the seat is so new.

Also new is Peg’s first extended canopy, a sore spot with their other infant car seats. Peg calls this an “extendable Pagoda” canopy complete with SPF 50 and a mesh side panel for ventilation. (We’re guessing this where the Nido/Nest thing is in reference to).

The Nido also has Peg’s two-stage infant insert cushion first seen on their 4.35 seat—this provides a better fit for smaller newborns down to 4 lbs. Peg says the Nido version has been improved, but we’re not sure yet exactly how (we hope to see the seat in person shortly.)

Like the older Primo Viaggio 4.35 seat, the Nido has a no rethread harness, extra EPP foam in the headrest for side impact protection, seat belt lock-offs and a “European” belt path for installation without the base.

At $350, Perego is positioning this seat near the top of the infant car seat market—which par for the course for the Italian car seat maker. In some ways, Peg is playing catch up with the load leg (Cybex) and fully extended canopy (Nuna).

Stroller compatibility is unknown at this point; we are unclear if existing adapters for the Primo Viaggio 4.35 will work with this carrier. The carrier looks very similar to the 4.35 in our opinion, so that may bode well.

This seat was just released in April 2017, so we haven’t seen it in person yet nor have we heard reports from parents who’ve used it. We’ll update this review as more feedback is available. Rating: Not Yet.