Maxi-Cosi Prezi Infant Car SeatThe Maxi Cosi Prezi has been discontinued. Since this model is still being sold online, below is an archived review.

Price: $290.

Limits: 30 lbs., 29”

NHTSA ease of use rating: Four out of five stars.

Pros: Anti-rebound bar, easy-out no-rethread harness, extra side-impact protection.

Cons: Very pricey, heavy carrier, stroller adapters may not work.

Comments: The Prezi is Maxi Cosi’s latest infant car seat: it features a 30 lb. weight limit, five-position adjustable base, anti-rebound bar and  no-rethread, “easy out” harness. The last feature is unique: Maxi Cosi claims this is a quicker way for parents to buckle in or out their child.

Maxi Cosi has borrowed the “Air Protect” technology from their sister-line, Safety 1st, for the Prezi’s side impact protection.

So, what’s not to like? Well, the Prezi carrier weighs in at a hefty 11.7 lbs. empty. Add an average-size newborn and you’ve got 20+ pounds to haul around—hope you’ve been doing your pregnancy upper arm workouts.

Another negative: stroller adapters that work for the Maxi Cosi Mico don’t necessarily work for the Prezi—that’s because the Prezi has a completely different base and attachment system. Since the Prezi is still relatively new, we expect stroller makers will eventually catch up with correct adapters. But, meanwhile, just because a stroller maker says they make adapters for Maxi Cosi seats, don’t assume the Prezi will work.

And the $290 price tag is steep—about a third more than other top-rated car seats. We’re not sure if the seat’s features justify that premium.

Real world feedback has been limited so far and mixed overall. Fans like the overall sleek design and high-tech plush fabric—with special kudos to the fancy canopy. Detractors say the fabric is very hot and the carrier weight is a major negative. Several wish the neato canopy extended further over the seat. Others complained that the seat’s space interior was small and cramped for larger babies.

Most disappointing: the Prezi scored only “basic” for crash protection, as judged by Consumer Reports. Given the anti-rebound bar and side impact protection cushions, this was a major disappoinment. The magazine put the Prezi 11th overall out of 13 seats, knocking it for lower ease of use scores compared to other seats. One example we saw in parent feedback: the fixed harness straps are difficult to use with newborns.

Bottom line: at nearly $300, we expected a lot out of the Prezi. And while it has a sleek look and an impressive set of safety features (at least on paper), the real world performance of this seat—based on reader feedback and third party testing—has been a disappontment. The heavy weight of the carrier is the final nail in the coffin. Rating: C+